21 reasons to go SIH Hostelling in Scotland

21 reasons to go SIH Hostelling

1. Hostelling is an affordable holiday, but that doesn't mean poor quality. Many of our hostels are quality assured by Visit Scotland and for those that are not we have introduced our own guest review system so you can decide what is the right accommodation for you.

2. All SIH independent hostels are privately-owned and are passionate about Hostelling – meet the people that care and know about their part of Scotland.

3. There is an SIH Independent Hostel in every part of Scotland. There are over 100 Hostels to choose from, from the Scottish cities to the far flung corners of the Scottish mainland and Islands.

4. When you go Hostelling you share essential facilities, especially kitchen and living areas. This keeps costs down but also allows you to meet other people. You could call it “camaraderie”, and we like it!

5. You can choose which facilities you want to share. These days you don’t need to share a room with strangers if you don’t want to. Many SIH Hostels now offer private rooms and ensuite as well as traditional dorms.

6. But if you don’t mind sharing – you can still find a warm, clean secure bed for the night at a very affordable rate at most SIH Hostels.

7. Many SIH hostels are Quality Assured by Visit Scotland so you can choose the standard of accommodation that suits you.

8. Hostelling is great for families; relaxed, good value, sociable, lots of local outdoor facilities, activities and local information.

9. Hostelling is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts; our rural hostels are located in the most beautiful parts of Scotland with the great outdoors on the doorstep. They provide drying rooms, equipment storage and local knowledge and a gathering place for like-minded people.

10. Hostels are particularly popular with walkers and mountaineers; but you have been doing this for decades and don’t need us to tell you!

11. Many Hostels take dogs; dog lovers. Find out more.

12. Traditionally, Hostelling in Scotland is perfect for independent travellers and backpackers. You need never feel alone and will get all the local information you need in an SIH Hostel.

13. Long distance paths are well served by Hostels so if this is the year for the big walk, check our members for accommodation along the route.

14 Many of our Hostels are ideal for all types of groups ,often offering very good rates and discounts

15. Many of our Hostels offer exclusive use for groups of all sizes, from 6 to 60 people - from reunions to anniversary celebrations offering an alternative to a large lodge or castle at a price for all the family's pockets

16 Stay in one of our City Hostels at really good City Centre rates leaving you more to spend in the shops and restaurants

17 Why not get married in a Hostel? Great locations and exceptionally good value accommodation !

18 And yes, Hostels are a great choice for hen and stag parties. Luckily they are often well out of the way and offer lots of outdoor activities to soak up that youthful exuberance!

19 Many of our Hostels provide a continental breakfast or cooked meals and sometimes even a bar or restaurant for those who really will never cope with catering for themselves.

20 Hostelling is ideal for older people. SIH is not “youth hostelling” – we have a huge percentage of older guests who love the freedom, authenticity, sociability and affordability of Hostelling.

21 You can plan your Hostelling escape on this website by contacting Hostels direct and sending messages to all Hostels outlining your requirements through our accommodation search facililty.

Happy Hostelling!