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At the Hostel Door, July 2017

21/08/2017 07:41

What for me singles out the independent hostel fraternity from any other provision for hostellers is the owners' freedom to innovate.
There is the dreamer in most of us but just how many can say they have had either the opportunity or courage to take that dream to the next stage?
Look carefully at each of Scotland's independent hostels and …


Sail Loft Bunkhouse opened by Prince Charles

28/06/2017 02:43

After a four year intensive effort by Portsoy Community Enterprise and the North East Scotland Preservation Trust, Sail Loft Bunkhouse was officially opened by Charles, Duke of Rothesay on Tuesday on Tuesday, 13th June.
Photos of Prince Charles by Allan Robertson; photos of Sail Loft Hostel by David Dean
Portsoy and district turned out in …


At the Hostel Door March, 2017

31/03/2017 06:37

So, it's the Spring Equinox and of course there are snow showers down here and on the high hills above.
Edinburgh's crocus displays around The Meadows were
heralding the change in season over a month ago.
With us they have just come into bloom with early daffodils to follow.
Geese are leaving and the last flock of waxwings …


SIH Outdoor Activities by Robin McKelvie

09/01/2017 05:27

Living in the UK and thinking of jetting off abroad in search of wild adventure in the likes of Switzerland or New Zealand? Or maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie outside the UK and think Scotland is only good for a sleepy meander around our castles and distilleries? Well I’ve got a wake up call for you if you fall in to either camp. Scotland …


Scotland’s first hostel app with unique features

19/12/2016 13:55

Anyone looking for the friendly, affordable and convenient accommodation that hostelling offers will now find it a lot easier to source a bed for the night. Scottish Independent Hostels
has commissioned the first hostel app for Scotland which is now in the App Store and Google Play.

One major benefit for hostellers, who are often …


Escape on a Hostelling Hogmanay in Scotland

29/11/2016 08:47

Hostelling is perfect for Hogmanay, offering excellent value, the camaraderie of sharing experiences and an invigorating start to the New Year. The Independent Hostelling Sector in Scotland has a range of options throughout Scotland still available for Hogmanay and New Year with 15 unique suggested stays located from City Centres to far flung …


Take a hostel-hopping journey through Scotland, “under your own steam"

20/10/2016 16:02

Become a genuine traveller and discover the real Scotland “under your own steam” without the use of a car or motorbike, meeting fascinating people and communities while staying in Scottish independent hostels.
Travelling through Scotland on foot, cycle, bus or train is a great way to have interesting and unexpected adventures, and …


At the Hostel Door: September, 2016

06/09/2016 00:48

Sunday morning here and the weekend crowd is dwindling to the last remnant hostellers, hesitant to leave in case they miss something yet at the same time keen to get on a hill on their way home.
For those from Aberdeen meeting up with a distant friend from the south the Friday evening squeals and hugs were repeated today as each prepared to …


Why Hostelling is a better option than B&B, Guest House or a Self Catering Cottage

13/08/2016 04:34

Hostels with private rooms are now more convenient than B&B or self-catering cottages. For some of our guests, private rooms with shared self-catering is the new way to enjoy all the fun of hostelling in Scotland.
People choose hostels because they are affordable, friendly and overflowing with character. Once upon a time if you wanted your …


At the Hostel Door:March, 2016.

10/03/2016 13:17

March is here, the days are drawing out and still skenes of greylag and pink footed geese fly well above us between the coast where they feed and the nearby loch where they overnight. “Welcome to Scotland” provides excellent information on greylag goose and pink footed goose
What caught my eye recently and which has been the subject of …